City Harvest sentences reduced


Kong Hee and five other former City Harvest Church fraudster leaders in Singapore have had their jail sentences reduced on appeal.




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  1. Q you continue to twist things to suit yourself – I did not attack you for your tune

    Q I said Tune – not tone

    I’m also dissapoiunbted yo haven’t changed your tune one little bit


  2. Well Gregory , you bashed me for my tone.

    “Hate” “stupid,stupid” WTFF???

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  4. Sad. But a pretty fair judgement.
    Hopefully they’ll all be out sooner, and church leadership will have learned a lesson.


  5. Guilty hey.

    His congregation will give him a 30 minute standing ovation now.

    No doubt this is another case of Christians being persecuted.


  6. Sad eh.

    Feel most sorry for the young accountant who didn’t make anything out of this and just thought she was doing good for the church.

    Ironically The China Wine chick has no problems.

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  7. Did I really make that comment below?!?

    I should stop drinking when I post on groupsects!

    Unless there’s another Q?

    That’s gotta be it.


  8. One of those church accountant chicks is hot. If they DO go to jail maybe I’ll go over there and do some prison ministry …..
    china wine!


  9. William S. Burroughs – Words of Advice For Young People

    “If you’re doing business with a religious son-of-a-bitch,
    Get it in writing.
    His word isn’t worth shit.
    Not with the good lord telling him how to fuck you on the deal.”


  10. The love of money is the root cause, you can blame everyone and anyone but it all comes down to envy and the lust to get more.People will lie,cheat, steal,because they covet how Hollywood celebrities and rich people live.They must accept the full extent of the law if they are found guilty just like everyone else. God put these law in place to protect everyone from thieves and fraudsters.


  11. From a CHC member….

    Kiam Hiong released this statement as Secretary of the Board of Director (BoD):

    “We wish to put on record that the members of the Management Board have satisfied ourselves regarding the allegations of integrity, honesty and lifestyle of the senior leadership after appropriate reviews since the investigation by CAD started. We wish to reiterate that we stand by our statement on 22 June 2013 that we have full trust in the integrity, honesty and spiritual standing of the pastoral leadership of City Harvest Church.”

    Does the BoD realize the legal implication of this statement?

    If there was a $50m Galaxy Loan with an unethical 5% marked up yearly to be paid to unknown party, this statement confirmed that the BoD sanctioned it.

    If there was a $15m inflated and hidden shifting cost during the first year of using Suntec Convention Center, this statement confirmed that the BoD sanctioned it.

    If there was a inflated bill of $13m for Audio Visual equipment, this statement confirmed that the BoD sanctioned it.

    If there were multiple tranches of ponzi-styled investment schemes with AMAC that disadvantageous to CHC and there was a loss of $18,000,000 to the Arise and Build Fund, this statement confirmed that the BoD sanctioned it.

    Kiam Hiong may have just martyred the entire BoD.”


  12. “Not quite sure how these guys get doctrines
    That should be doctorates.”

    It’s obvious that his doctorate wasn’t earned. He really can’t be that bright if he spends 23 million on his wife’s career in another country. If my wife could dance like her in China WIne I’d spend just 23 000 of church money on a revolving bed and a mirror for the ceiling in the manse and get her dancing for my eyes only.
    I’m sure it would have a positive effect on the preaching. No, this man is no Phd.


  13. Did anyone expect anything different? Modern church is built on psychopathic soul ways. Isn’t that why Jesus talked about being born again and the apostle Paul talks about walking in the Spirit. Be born of the spirit and build in the spirit and it brings life. Build in the soul and you always have to have a psychopathic program of ME. In the soul teaching God wants to bless you. In the spirit you are blessing.
    These people may not have broken any laws but what they did is psychopathic. More of this talk here


  14. Hey,, i farted a couple of times in electrical store of Suntec City in 2001 while working there, the year when Phil Pringle spoke to CHC congregration about taking over Suntec City. Bad Omen, isn’t it?


  15. Sounds like Bones was drinking China Wine and watching China Wine at the same time. Deadly combination…


  16. Not quite sure how these guys get doctrines…

    That should be doctorates.

    Too much China Wine.

    No, not enough. Another bottle please.


  17. What do you think Kong?

    Sorry that’s Doctor Kong Hee.

    Another graduate from Dr Phil’s Academy of charlatans.

    Not quite sure how these guys get doctrines when they are biblically illiterate.


  18. It was revealed in court yesterday that a loss of more than $14 million was made from the production of an album for pop singer Sun Ho.

    But, but, but that can’t be true. City Harvest is about success and poverty. There’s no way they could make a loss. That would mean they are out of God’s favour.

    What do you think Kong?

    Just turn to your neighbour and say “God wants you to succeed in your purpose”.

    It’s probably the fault of all those Christians who didn’t buy China Wine’s Cds.


  19. @Eric. I think it’s unlikely that Kong or his wife will be be convicted of anything because they didn’t actually make any of the transactions and can plead ignorance of accounting procedures. Sad that well meaning people who probably gave up lucrative careers to serve the church might end up punished.

    I’m still surprised more Christian leaders aren’t surprised at the idea that spending millions on China Wine could be good evangelism.


  20. As expected, the CHC propaganda machine has begin to continue brainwash their members with alternative news, claiming to provide a “balance” view of the case. They are making a mockery of the case and even their twitter are telling what the intention is about

    City News @citynewssg
    Cross-examination by defence lawyers; account officer Lai Bao Ting confirms she never took instructions from Kong Hee

    The Straits Times and CNA didn’t even mention about this and they have to bring out this statement, clearly showing what instructions they have taken from the top. The CHC media is building towards one person’s innocence- Kong Hee and that’s all they care about.

    Before long you will see how Kong and his team will sell out Eng Han and the rest, hiding behind the pretense that he doesn’t know anything and all these were management decisions that were made without his knowledge because he “flies so often and work so hard”

    I hope Eng Han and the BBG team can wake up and see what their pastor is doing to sell out his own.. Just watch how this story unfolds, it is going to get ugly.


  21. Fascinating reading, comments from City Harvest Church members….

    “I was in CHC. During the Arise & Build, I gave thousands strictly to the building of a new church. I do not expect my donated monies to be channeled to Sun’s music crossover career, lifestyle and expensive living. We were all made to believe that Sun was very successful and CHC did not help her financially. I also have donated for Sun’s charity projects for the poor and destitute in China.

    If indeed my monies is found misused, I want all my monies back. I do have the donation receipts and I understand current receipt have a clause of no refund.”

    Perhaps a class action to recover misused funds?

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  22. And this – thoughts from an unbeliever. When Christianity is perverted into the “health, wealth, and “exercising dominion”, even an unbeliever can see that something is really wrong…….

    That’s right, Margot. Common sense and logic go out the window when the Anointed One starts talking. No matter how much nonsense they say. I mean you could say anything…


  23. “On the downfall of celebrity-seeking preachers: their desire is not to teach but to be teachers. There is an important difference here, their focus is on their status, not on the words they proclaim. At most, the latter is merely instrumental to get them status and boosting their careers.” Carl Trueman

    And this – thoughts from an unbeliever. When Christianity is perverted into the “health, wealth, and “exercising dominion”, even an unbeliever can see that something is really wrong…….


  24. Q said The church members who downgrade their own houses need to all take a walk through the Kongs house and then then mansion rented in the States, and then have a wonder about why the Kongs don’t downgrade and give, but upgrade and receive.

    Going back to that Phil vid, he said something along the lines of that he has done the hard yards, done the sacrifice and thats why he has the big house(s), big ministry now. It would seem that these mega preachers who call for the members to sacrifice their money, houses, etc are telling their members that they have done their sacrifice in the many years prior and God is now blessing them (with the implication of they are still giving a lot) with the mega bucks.

    Its carefully rewording the New Testament so that they can live the luxury lifestyle they wish while others are sacrificing and some very poor.

    You are certainly right Q, it sure would be an eye opener for the members of those mega-clubs to see how their club president is living it up in those multi-million dollar accommodations.


  25. Obviously your ability to reason goes out the door.

    By “your” I mean anyone involved in a cult, not you, Q.

    You obviously do have a brain.


  26. Q, you see the same behaviour in cults – from both the leadership and their victims. Cultic leaders have managed to get their followers to give their own children as sex objects on the cultic leaders whim. And they were fine by that.

    Obviously your ability to reason goes out the door.


  27. The church members who downgrade their own houses need to all take a walk through the Kongs house and then then mansion rented in the States, and then have a wonder about why the Kongs don’t downgrade and give, but upgrade and receive.

    But, like I said, many of them will still be fine with that.

    Beats me though.

    The main skill megapreachers seem to possess is to convince people to give sacrificially and then live luxuriously themselves – and not feel guilty about it.


  28. And the hypocrisy grows

    Kong Hee praises those who sell their homes for smaller dwellings, giving their money to the church. So he can live in bigger, wealthier dwellings.

    “Nick and Connie sold their five room flat and down-graded to three room apartment just so they could give $20,000 to the building fund. I mean- where do you hear people like that? People willing to sell their house and downgrade to build God a great house. Friends, it’s a sacrifice.” – Kong Hee, Kong Hee – Downgrade your home to upgrade the Lord’s City Harvest Under Investigation Pt 2,

    From $127k HDB flat to $9.3m Sentosa Cove penthouse

    SINGAPORE – How did the Kongs get from a $127,000 HDB flat to a $9.3 million Sentosa Cove penthouse?

    Pastor Kong Hee and his family started with a five-room HDB flat in Tampines, which they bought for $127,000.

    They later sold it for $420,000, The New Paper reported in 2010.

    From there, the Kongs bought a Horizon Towers unit in River Valley. It had a private lift, two living rooms, four bedrooms and a compact kitchen.

    The flooring was marble, with a carpeted family area and a walk-in wardrobe which showed off the fashionista side of Ms Ho.

    It was done up in a mix of American classic and contemporary styles.

    In 2010, they sold this apartment and moved into The Suites at Central on Devonshire. It was reportedly sold to them for $2.6 million.

    There was also a $28,000-a-month Hollywood Hills estate which Ms Ho rented while pursuing her career as a singer in the United States.

    She stayed there with her son, an assistant, a nanny and some relatives while going about her music career. She shuttled between the US and Singapore.

    Today, the Kongs live in a luxury Sentosa Cove penthouse which cost $9.3 million, according to The New Paper.

    The 487 sq m apartment is more than four times bigger than their Tampines flat and has an ocean view.


  29. More on the Whistle Blower Mr Roland Poon and efforts used to shut him up. Seems they need to issue a public apology to him.

    Businessman withdraws allegations about City Harvest Church and singer Ho Yeow Sun, and church prays to forgive him over the weekend
    The Straits Times (Singapore), Jan. 27, 2003
    The Straits Times
    By Samuel Lee

    The man who made allegations about City Harvest Church’s support of pastor-singer Ho Yeow Sun’s pop career has apologised publicly.

    And in five sermons over the weekend, Ho’s husband, church founder and senior pastor Reverend Kong Hee, asked the congregation to forgive the man.

    Two weeks ago, Mr Roland Poon Swee Kay contacted the press to complain about what he said were improper practices by Rev Kong and his wife.

    Last Friday, the 53-year-old businessman issued four apologies in The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily News. A fifth apology appeared in The New Paper last Saturday.

    In all, they cost $33,372.06. A source close to Mr Poon said yesterday that the amount was paid by an anonymous donor who knew of the businessman’s financial difficulties.

    In the half-page apology in The Straits Times, Mr Poon, a member of the church, said he had fed false information to journalists from Life! and Today via e-mail and telephone conversations.

    He also retracted all previous statements he had made regarding Rev Kong, Ho and the church.

    Some of his earlier remarks were aired on Channel NewsAsia on Jan 17. This was followed by a Page 1 story in Today on Jan 18, which claimed that some church members had expressed uneasiness over City Harvest’s support of Ho’s pop career.

    After reading the report, Ho, 31, who was then in Taiwan, broke down in tears.

    In a Life! story published last Monday, she said that she had done nothing wrong.

    Her husband also denied Mr Poon’s allegations. Rev Kong said that no church funds had been used for Ho’s pop career promotion, and that it was normal practice for the church to support and celebrate the secular success of its members.

    The Chinese press also picked up the story.

    Ho, who has been the church’s music pastor since 1993, launched her pop career last year.

    Her first album, Sun With Love, sold more than 100,000 copies last year.

    She recently launched her second work, Sun*day. All proceeds from both albums are pledged to charity.

    She also sang at last Friday’s MTV Asia Awards, and was nominated for Favourite Artiste – Singapore.

    As a result of all the news, members of City Harvest, which is in Jurong West, say they have been under a lot of ‘unnecessary’ scrutiny.

    UFM 1003 DJ Danny Yeo, 30, for one, said he had been bombarded with phone calls.

    ‘I tell people that I’m still attending City Harvest and that it takes more than reading headlines and newspapers to make a judgment about the church,’ he said.

    Last Friday, Life! also published a response from the City Harvest management board.

    The letter reiterated Rev Kong’s stand that no church funds were used to finance Ho’s pop career. It added that there was no hard-selling of her two CDs in the church and no question of a personality cult forming.

    That Mr Poon’s retraction in The Straits Times appeared on the same day as the church’s reply has raised some eyebrows among observers.

    However, Rev Kong and church board member Chew Eng Han explained yesterday that it was pure coincidence.

    The board had already submitted its statement to the newspaper last Wednesday, before the church received a call from Mr Poon later that day.

    ‘He voluntarily met up with me and a few board members at Fullerton Hotel on Wednesday evening,’ said Mr Chew, 42, a general manager of an American bank.

    ‘There, he told us he realised his foolishness after reading the positive remarks from other members of the church in the Life! article last Monday.’

    He added that Mr Poon’s turn-around came after the businessman telephoned Sri Lanka-based clergyman, Bishop Jebanayagam, for advice last week.

    Mr Poon could not be reached for comment and has not been attending service since Jan 18.

    A source close to him said that he had met the bishop during the latter’s visits over the past eight years.

    Bishop Jebanayagam apparently told him to come clean with City Harvest if he wished to be truthful, and that he would be forgiven.

    Together with Mr Chew, Mr Poon drafted the apology last Wednesday night, got it vetted by City Harvest’s lawyers last Thursday and submitted it for publication the same day.

    Mr Chew said that Mr Poon also revealed that his quotes to Today were attributed to several church members, including two identified as ‘Mr Png’ and ‘Mr Lee’.

    He had contacted The Straits Times variously as ‘Roland Poon’ and ‘Swee Kay’.

    Mr Chew said: ‘We have already forgiven him and have also asked him to come back to church next week.’

    Rev Kong asked his congregation, which numbers 14,000, during his five weekend services to forgive the businessman.

    ‘My wife and I have forgiven him and so has the church. We’re not going to single him out and he can remain anonymous. That’s the good thing about being in a big church,’ he said.

    Still, he felt that the church’s credibility – especially that of its community service here and in the region – had been unfairly undermined by the episode.

    Rev Kong also said his wife remained badly shattered.

    He said: ‘All she has been saying since she came back from Taiwan last week for MTV is how all her hard work has been for nothing.

    ‘Her success, which has been achieved through her own talent and efforts, has been unfairly discredited by the false allegations. However, she believes that in time, the truth will dawn.’

    And this

    ok today’s papers

    roland’s family/friend said that that time he received news that the church ppl ask him to back it up with real proof or they will press charges. Roland got worried so had to fork out money to print apology announcement. It amounted to 30k. As he didn’t have the finance to do it, an anonymous person helped him pay.

    After that Roland stayed low profile, much shaken from the matter. He left the church. Currently busy with another church activity and still staying low profile.


  30. Apparently 23 million wasn’t enough. They wanted more.

    Deputy Public Prosecutors Christopher Ong and Grace Goh told the court that some of the accused were also believed to have conspired to misappropriate another $26.6 million of church funds so that it would seem like the alleged sham bond investments were redeemed. This is called ’round-tripping’.

    “It is the Prosecution’s case that these further monies were circulated… to create the false appearance that the purported sham bond investments had been redeemed, when in fact the ‘redemption’ had been financed using these further monies misappropriated from church funds,” they said.


  31. But the church members don’t seem to mind all that.

    Some did.

    And got the usual bullying treatment from their church. Turns out this guy was on the ball.

    In 2003, he had to make a public apology after questioning whether City Harvest Church used church funds for Ho Yeow Sun’s music career.

    Mr Roland Poon had been going to City Harvest for a few years when he began to feel uncomfortable with some of the church’s practices, said a report in The Straits Times today.

    Then a businessman, he had donated money towards the City Harvest church building at Jurong West.

    A close family friend of Mr Poon’s who asked to remain anonymous told The Straits Times that Mr Poon was uneasy with the way the church leaders used the church service to promote Ho Yeow Sun’s music.

    Mr Poon also asked the church leadership how church funds were being used.

    When Mr Poon’s questions to the church were not answered, he wrote to The Straits Times, saying it was not ethical to mix secular matters and religion – he added that he was “encouraged” to buy Ho’s music, and alleged that church funds were used to finance Ho’s publicity campaigns.

    Mr Poon’s friend also said the church would sue Mr Poon if he had no evidence to back up his allegations.

    Traumatised, he retracted his statements and issued apologies in five publications while the church issued its own reply to his allegations.

    Mr Poon left City Harvest Church after the matter concluded and now worships in another church.


  32. Some of Kong Hee’s ‘teachings’.

    [Continued] “I’ll show you nine bible reasons tonight why Jesus wasn’t poor.

    Number one, as a baby, He was showered with great treasures.

    Number two: He had many wealthy partners supporting Him.

    Number three: He was able to pay for all the entire ministry team.

    Number four: He generously fed the hungry.

    Number five: He HAD a treasurer.

    Number six: He NEVER considered himself poor.

    Number seven: He cared for the poor and regularly gave to them.

    Number eight: He had his own HOUSE!

    Number nine. He wore good CLOTHES!


  33. Because that is what they are taught week in week out.

    Must give God whats God’s, the tithe and offerings. And once its in God’s hands they are taught not to question God’s use of the money. None of the New Testament teaching on giving unless they can extract even more money twisting it to say God will multiply the money back to them.

    They pay their taxes and similarly, they pay their christian taxes (tithes & offerings), its a duty and once done they do not question.


  34. That video from a few blogs back of Phil talking of his houses and others houses, had an interesting bit in it. Phil talked of using methods of the world to reach the people to bring into his club (hardly an assembly). He was justifying using them as because christians were behind it made it christian. The example he gave of it was ok on the surface, but left me wondering at the time what else was being done with this excuse.

    Its possible that he is using something similar to the “crossover” project.


  35. Thanks for that LF.

    Suppose one cannot expect anything different. For him to criticise the actions of that church would be to criticise his own actions. “Money money money makes the church go around” seems to be the new mantra of these mega-club managers. Can hardly call them assemblies now-a-days.


  36. Sun Ho could not get a record label to pay for her American adventure so she financed it herself with the help of City Harvest Church. Who else would pay for her 20k a month Hollywood mansion? Sure she had 5 successful dance records in the US but remember that dance record success is measured by dj airplay in clubs and not record sales or digital downloads as in the Billboard top 40. So it is possible that club dj’s were paid to play Sun’s music in their clubs.It is sad that with all the money that was spent, she was not provided with better material that possibly would have crossed over onto the pop charts and made her some money.


  37. What’s 23 million? You could have paid 230 evangelists a very nice wage of 100 000 to go out in the world. Would have been more effective.


  38. But in the end, if the church members are really all happy to give money for that, then the leadership should have just been more open about it all. If they told the people to give to a special account to raise millions for the wife to become a big star in the US and she’d have to live in a huge mansion etc etc, the members would probably have given -esp if they were told that they would be blessed in return.


  39. I know it sounds cool to think that in order to win the lost a great way is to spend millions on sending someone to the US and using all that money to buy air time, pay people to sing, and perform in the hope that you get famous, and then they’ll hear that you’re a Christian and then think about going to church, and that 23 million is worth all that ….

    but seriously, I know people who just talk to their friends, or if they’re really radical they might go out at night and say “Hi”, and they lead people to Christ. It costs a few bucks in petrol. And sometimes costs nothing at all.

    It’s interesting to look at how many billions the US has spent on evangelism over decades and what the results are. Hint, it’s not a great ROI.


  40. From Fishies article above

    Dr Pringle added “The Gospel is the Good News and Christians are meant to share it. CHC has done this through the Crossover Project which lies at the very heart of our religious beliefs.

    CHC claims the controversial Crossover Project is not about one person’s singing career; it is a mission that is fundamental to the congregation of CHC. The Crossover Project is an outreach that uses Sun Ho’s singing and music to engage people and places that would never otherwise hear the Gospel.

    As a result of the Crossover Project, many churches have grown worldwide in terms of monetary value and the faith of many has been strengthened. The church are also able to recruit more pastors and also attract them with a much higher pay wage. Impact has been made on the needy in Haiti, disaster victims in China, the depressed and suicidal in Taiwan, and the sick children in Honduras, among others.

    I suppose if you say it enough you’ll believe it.

    Maybe Madonna is actually reaching out for the Catholic Church.


  41. Too right, … they would have had to have paid me $23 million to prance around in my underwear and sing those silly little ditties too.


  42. What’s the big deal? It’s not as if they’re the only Christians making millions out of charities.

    I mean that’s why we have charities. To prop up multi-millionaires.


  43. Is there a link for that. Would like to read what he had to say about it.

    If he is in Singapore, I wonder what the “love offering” will be.


  44. To be fair, Phil Pringle has explained that it’s all above board and part of a ministry called Crossover. He’s in Singapore, defending the church.

    So, nothing to see. Go home everyone.


  45. Sun Ho was huge already before this in Singapore. But it is a huge amount to have paid for the help she got. 2 singles n no album. Plus she lived in Hollywood with her son leaving dad/husband at home to be a pastor.


  46. This whole saga makes Jimmy Bakker’s air-conditioned dog kennel scandal look like a minor shoplifting offence in comparison! Bizarre. I hope justice is done.


  47. 24 million to support the music career of the Pastor’s wife in another country?
    What were they going to do? Pay money to people to vote for her on American Idol?

    Somebody please convince me that pentecostal mega churches don’t exist to fund the lavish lifestyles of the Pastors. Please ….


  48. Sound like an attack of the devil to me. Maybe they can take up an offering for the ho – I mean Sung Ho …


  49. For all the money they spent to make Sun Ho a star in the US, it never happened. She is far from being a household name here. She has not even put out an album in this country even though she supposidly worked with Wycliffe Jean of the Fugees to put together two music videos. From what I have read, she was living in a 20k per month Hollywood manison with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie being her next door neighbors.


  50. Issued by: The Office of the Commissioner of Charities 26 June 2012


    Commissioner of Charities suspends governing board members, trustees,
    employees, agents and Executive members under the Charities Act
    The Commissioner of Charities (COC) instituted an Inquiry into the City
    Harvest Church (the Charity) on 31 May 2010 under the Charities Act. Concurrently,
    the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) commenced investigations into financial
    transactions involving several individuals and companies, related or connected to the
    Charity. Both the COC and CAD have since concluded its Inquiry and investigations,
    respectively. Separately and independently from CAD, COC has decided to take
    action under the Charities Act.

    2 COC’s Inquiry revealed misconduct and mismanagement in the
    administration of the Charity, particularly in relation to the funds that were in the
    Building Fund which had been raised and earmarked for specific purposes.
    Financial irregularities of at least $23 million from the Charity’s funds have been
    discovered. These funds were used with the purported intention to finance Ho Yeow
    Sun’s secular music career to connect with people. There was a concerted effort to
    conceal this movement of funds from its stakeholders. Refer to Annex for the details
    of the misconduct and mismanagement.

    3 The COC is concerned about the misconduct and mismanagement in the
    administration of the Charity. Under the Charities Act and with the consent of the
    Attorney-General, the COC has suspended the following persons from the exercise
    of their office or employment as governing board members, trustees, agents or
    employees of the Charity with immediate effect:
    (a) Kong Hee1 (Member of the Charity’s Board and Executive Member);
    (b) Lam Leng Hung2 (Chairman of the Charity’s Board, Trustee, Agent
    and Executive Member);
    (c) Tan Ye Peng 3 (Vice-Chairman of the Charity’s Board, Trustee,
    Employee, Agent and Executive Member);
    (d) Tan Shao Yuen Sharon (Employee and Executive Member);
    (e) Chew Eng Han (Agent and Executive Member);
    (f) Ho Yeow Sun (Agent and Executive Member);
    (g) Kelvin Teo Meng How (Agent, Employee and Executive Member);
    (h) Tan Su Pheng Jacqueline (Employee and Executive Member).

    1 Kong Hee was the President of the Charity’s Board (till 10 April 2011).
    2 Lam Leng Hung was the Treasurer of the Charity’s Board, from 7 March 2010 to 10 April 2011.
    3 Tan Ye Peng was the Vice President of the Charity’s Board till 10 April 2011 [thereafter he was re-designated
    as Vice-Chairman].

    The COC has also suspended the above-named individuals from their Executive
    Memberships in the Charity with immediate effect.

    4 The COC will also consider taking further courses of action under the
    Charities Act against these individuals in order to protect the charitable property of
    the Charity. This may include the removal of these persons from their office as
    trustee, governing board members, officers, agents or employees of the Charity.

    5 For so long as these persons are suspended, they will be prohibited from
    taking part or being involved in managing the Charity, representing the Charity on
    any matters, or attending any of the Charity’s Annual General Meetings,
    Extraordinary General Meetings and Board meetings.

    6 The normal services of the Charity can continue as usual.

    The City Harvest Church is a registered charity since 1993. As at December 2009,
    the Charity had a congregation size of about 33,000 people. The congregation
    comprised approximately 728 Executive Members with voting powers, whilst the
    remaining are Ministry and Ordinary Members.
    Based on the Charity’s financial statements for the financial year ended 31 October
    2009, the Charity’s income amounted to about $72 million whilst expenses amounted
    to about $48 million. Its net assets are estimated at $103 million.
    In early 2010, the COC received complaints alleging the misuse of the Charity’s
    funds and informed the CAD, when it assessed that some of these financial
    transactions may need to be investigated by the CAD.
    On 31 May 2010, the COC and the CAD commenced investigations into financial
    transactions involving several individuals and companies, related to or connected to
    the Charity. Separately, the COC has decided to take action under the Charities Act.

    (A) Misrepresentation on the Use of the Charity’s Funds
    1 In 2002, the Charity’s founders, Kong Hee and Ho Yeow Sun (“Sun Ho”),
    embarked on a “Crossover Project” [“the Project”], with the purported intention to use
    Sun Ho’s secular music to connect with people and reach out to non-Christians.
    2 In 2003, an individual alleged in the media that the Charity was funding Sun
    Ho’s music career. This attracted public attention. This individual eventually issued
    a public apology and retracted his allegations. During that period, the Charity had
    faced media scrutiny over the allegations. Subsequently, the Charity issued press
    statements and made several representations to its members to state that they had
    not funded Sun Ho’s music career.
    3 Despite the representations made by the Charity and unknown to the
    Executive Members, the Charity’s funds were used to fund the Project. Over a
    period of 3 years (2007 to 2010), at least $23 million was used. However, during this
    period of time, the Executive members were not told of the actual purpose of the use
    of these funds.

    (B) Use of the Charity’s Funds to Fund the Project
    4 Between December 2007 and May 2010, the Charity’s funds were used to
    finance the Project under the guise of donations to its affiliated church in Kuala
    Lumpur, known as the City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur [“CHCKL”]. The funds
    were then transmitted by CHCKL to support the Project in the United States. During
    this period, at least $2.1 million was transferred from the Charity to CHCKL to fund
    the Project. The Inquiry revealed that Kong Hee, Tan Ye Peng, Kelvin Teo Meng
    How, Tan Shao Yuen Sharon and Serina Wee Gek Yin were aware of the true
    purpose of the donations to CHCKL.
    5 In addition, donations and tithes to the Charity were transferred into a
    private fund known as the Multi-Purpose Account [“MPA”], administered by Serina
    Wee Gek Yin (the Charity’s ex-Finance Manager and Executive member) and Tan
    Su Pheng Jacqueline (former Personal Assistant to Kong Hee, current contract staff
    and Executive member of the Charity). Monies in this account were used to fund the
    Project. For the period April 2007 to March 2010, the funds were used for purported
    expenditures of Kong Hee and Sun Ho, amounting to approximately $600,000 and
    $3 million respectively. Selected donors were asked to transfer their contributions
    originally meant for the Charity’s “Arise and Build” campaign to the MPA. Some
    members ceased or reduced their regular tithes to the Charity after they contributed
    funds to the MPA. Apart from this small group of members, the existence of the
    MPA was not made known to the Charity’s members. There was even an attempt to
    conceal the existence of this Account by closing the joint bank account and dealing
    only in cash transactions, which was kept in a safe at the Charity.
    6 In or around April 2009, a plan was conceptualised by Tan Ye Peng, Chew
    Eng Han, Serina Wee Gek Yin and Tan Shao Yuen Sharon to transfer monies
    Page 2 of 2
    amounting to $600,000 donated by Wahju Hanafi to the Charity’s Building Fund via a
    “refund” of Building Fund donations into the MPA to meet some funding needs of the
    Project, which included US$100,000 to finance a media team from Singapore to
    publicise and write about Sun Ho’s music career in the United States. Inquiry
    revealed that the Charity had drafted letters from Wahju Hanafi and one other person
    indicating that their donations to the Charity were intended for specific Pastors and
    employees of the Charity as love gifts. It was then arranged for these said Pastors
    and employees to receive the “refund” as love gifts and immediately thereafter to
    deposit these love gifts into the MPA. The Inquiry further revealed evidence which
    strongly suggests that the “refund” letters were backdated, i.e. the letters were dated
    close to or on the date of the donations and one of the letters was dated before the
    date of the donations.

    (C) Schemes to Avoid Disclosure on Related Party Transactions
    7 Between 2006 and 2008, Kong Hee’s company sold over $3 million worth
    of merchandise to the Charity. The Inquiry also revealed that Kong Hee did not
    disclose his interests in these related party transactions in the Charity’s financial
    statements. In 2008, Kong Hee “refunded” royalties to the Charity amounting to
    approximately $770,000 from the sale of his merchandise to the Charity from 2006 to
    2008. The return of these royalties was ostensibly motivated by concerns that the
    Charity’s auditors would require Kong Hee’s royalties to be disclosed as related party
    transactions. The amount “refunded” by Kong Hee was concealed as “sales
    discount” given to the Charity. Subsequently, the purported refunds were
    reimbursed to Kong Hee from the MPA and from CHCKL. Kong Hee’s “refund” of
    royalties to the Charity was therefore cosmetic and he was instead never “out of
    pocket”. The Inquiry revealed that the individuals who were aware of the above
    avoidance in disclosure were Kong Hee, Tan Ye Peng, Kelvin Teo Meng How, Tan
    Shao Yuen Sharon, Serina Wee Gek Yin and Tan Su Pheng Jacqueline.

    (D) Governance and Control Issues
    8 Evidence suggested that certain members of the Charity’s Board have
    been less than prudent in the discharge of their duties toward the Charity and its
    members. For example, the appointment of Investment Manager, Chew Eng Han’s
    investment company, was not properly tabled and discussed by the Charity’s Board.
    9 The Inquiry further revealed that when Chew Eng Han suffered financial
    difficulties, the Charity refunded donations amounting to about $338,000 to him in
    two separate tranches, i.e. $240,000 and $98,000. However, in respect of the
    $98,000, the Charity’s Board only gave approval for the refund of donations to Chew
    Eng Han 9 months after the refunds were made.
    10 The poor corporate governance in the Charity contributed, at least in part,
    to the fact that the Charity was able to maintain the above-mentioned activities for
    the past 3 years.



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