Todd Bentley’s gold-plated bulldust

Right Wing Watch reports…

“Back in 2008, a revival broke out in Lakeland, Florida led by Charismatic preacher Todd Bentley during which thousands of people supposedly found God, had visions, and experienced divine healings of various diseases. Shortly thereafter, Bentley fell from grace when he divorced his wife and married another women.

Rick Joyner, a close friend of Bentley’s, then set about “restoring” Bentley so that he could eventually “be fully released back into ministry.”

And that restoration process must have been a smashing success, because Joyner had Bentley on his “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” program this week to discuss another revival that he just led in South Africa during which the “Winds of Change Angel” touched Bentley’s current wife, causing her to become covered in gold that she could not wash off. 

Everywhere they went, Bentley said, everything was covered in gold, from their hotel rooms to the airplanes upon which they flew and even the meeting rooms where they met with local pastors.

“I had one meeting where we were in worship,” Bentley said, “and you could see the Cloud of Glory with open eyes and it rained gold.  When I say it rained gold, Rick, I actually saw it almost looked like snowflakes of gold coming down”



8 thoughts on “Todd Bentley’s gold-plated bulldust

  1. Classic youtube comment.

    “Why are people finding it so hard to believe this guy gets golden showers in his room?”


  2. I don’t like Todd Bentley. i’ve said it many times. I don’t endorse him, wouldn’t tell anyone to go to his meetings and don’t believe his testimonies. I think he is dangerous.

    So grow up.


  3. No nothing to see here according to Q.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s all bullshit or a scam.

    Accept Bentley wears tatts.

    “Shun, as you would the plague, a cleric who from being poor has become wealthy, or who, from being nobody has become a celebrity.” — Jerome


  4. Do they really think people will believe this garbage. If a plane was covered in gold then it would hit the news big time. Just imagine a gold coated plane landing at an airport! Everyone would be taking pictures and the news would spread like wildfire around the airport. Even if it was just their seats, the news would get wind of it and be reported. And they said everything was covered in gold from the hotel rooms to the airplanes (not seats, not beds, but rooms and airplanes)

    My brother in law visited a church on the north coast of queensland after his kids reported that gold dust was falling and jewels appearing. He noticed that rust was dropping from the building’s aging roof (unlined roof) and no evidence of the jewels. Rust would would explain gold that she could not wash off and snowflakes (rust flakes).

    There is no Biblical evidence for these events to occur, and is more in line with occult practices and claims.

    Hey if it was really gold then they would never have need again to ask the members for money, just pick up the gold.


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