Fred Nile helps fund Iraq Christian militia



Lance (Group Sects) writes…

Australia’s Federal Attorney-General George Brandis has made it clear it’s illegal to provide funding to militia groups fighting on either side of the Iraq/Syria conflict.

“[Brandis] said it was illegal for any Australian, including dual citizens, to ”fight, provide funding, provide training, or supply weapons to the conflict in Syria or Iraq”.

After recently meeting with Albert Kisso of the Assyrian Christian militia, which is fighting ISIL in Iraq, Fred Nile posted on his Facebook page,

To financially support Dwekh-Nawsha, click this link

Christian Democratic Party Facebook




4 thoughts on “Fred Nile helps fund Iraq Christian militia

  1. You people have never heard of the Assyrian’s and what they contributed to the world, these people are not terrorists or murders they have been through countless genocides just as the jews did, 1915 masscare of 750,000 Assyrians for being Christians, even after we fought with the allies in both world wars we were ignored and our country was taken away and give to the arabs and the kurds, I bet if your sister or mother got raped and they put a crux fix in her mouth you would pick up arms and defend your self to. These assyrians invented language mathematics law and everything else that makes you civilized stop being so foolish and arrogant and do some research you will find that my people are good people who only want to live in peace on their land without getting their heads cut off.

    God bless.


  2. I am not with Fred Nile on this issue. I am less conservative.

    However, I am not with him on his decision to marry a previously married woman. I am now swinging more conservative than him.

    Swing, swing, swing.


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