Pat Mesiti up Goose Creek


Lance (Group Sects) writes…

Pat Mesiti has preached at a US church, days after a Sydney court heard allegations of domestic violence against the motivational speaker and former church minister.

Mesiti has pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and common assault after a New Year’s Eve incident in which Police allege the 56 year old was ‘heavily intoxicated and in a fit of rage over a family issue’.

He is required to comply with an interim protection order, preventing him from approaching his second wife Andrea within twelve hours of consuming alcohol or illicit drugs.

On January 24, Mesiti preached at the New Life Christian Fellowship Church in the Charleston suburb of Goose Creek in South Carolina.



20 thoughts on “Pat Mesiti up Goose Creek

  1. I’m confused. Aren’t we all attracted to things that aren’t necessarily good. I thought that what was being human and a fallen creature was all about.
    I’m attracted to all the things Wazza2 and Lionfish mentioned. Except drinking with male prostitutes. But because I am tempted with most of the things mentioned, I don’t condemn a man for struggling with temptation with other men.

    And I don’t think a Christian who sins by gambling, seeing a prostitute or gay sex should be written off forever. Or even written about in a webpage.

    I think we all need to show some more mercy. And also really believe in the forgiveness of sins.

    I don’t know who Doctor Dexter is.


  2. Being attracted to the same sex is son. The same as a thief is attracted to someone else’s property or a man is attracted to another persons wife. It is a sinful desire.


  3. In fact, why not put in an application for Dr Dexter to come to your church and mention that you are attracted to gambling and drinking with male prostitutes. As this is completely non-sinful it should be of no particular note to the good Doctor. Please post the response you get.


  4. Peter, maybe you don’t think its a sin – but try calling up a church and asking to put on a show, and just casually mention that you are attracted to men (or gambling or prostitutes).


  5. Wazza2,
    Perhaps. I personally don’t think being attracted to the same sex is sin though. Anymore than is being attracted to prostitutes or alcohol or gambling.


  6. Peter thanks for the reply.

    I think there is still a difference in the way the two ‘sins’ are treated by Christians.

    In the case of assault, the sin is the action itself – and has to be proven by the (secular) authorities in a court of law. Otherwise the church will assume innocence.

    In the case of gayness the sin is in the person himself, and the onus is on that person to prove himself free of sin.


  7. wazza2,

    Few churches would accept a preacher who was convicted of assaulting his wife, unless he relented and had been stood down for some time. He was probably already scheduled to preach at that church and they may have heard his side of the story which maybe different to what has been alleged.

    Every church I know would accept a person who has ceased gay sex and repented just as they would other sexual sins.,-


  8. David,
    That’s sad to hear. But I’m just talking about the Christians I know.
    How many Christians do you know?
    Were you once a Christian?
    And if so, were you a hypocritical liar until you rejected Jesus?


  9. David has a point. Few churches would accept a speaker if he was gay, but this church accepts Mesiti when the second search item that comes up in Google (after his own website) is about charges of assaulting his wife in a fit of rage.

    Then again the leader of that church “Dr” Dexter got his honorary doctorate from New Wine Ministries School of the Bible

    Honorary Doctorates are awarded for a $50 application (non-refundable), and if accepted, payment of $300. One has a choice of the following:

    Dr. of Divinity: D.D.
    Dr. of Evangelism : D.Evan.
    Dr. of Christian Ministries: C.M.D.
    Dr. of Sacred Literature: S.L.D.
    Dr. of Christian Education : C.E.D.
    Dr. of Sacred Music: S.M.D.

    One also has the option of about 40 degree emphases to choose from, e.g., Dr. of Divinity in Christian Counseling , which is printed on the diploma.

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  10. No David.
    Most Christians I know say that sex with someone if the same sex is sin. Just like they say sex with a prostitute or someone else’s spouse is sin.
    In each three cases they say the person should stop, repent and sin no more.

    All three are forgiven if they repent. Then all three may preach later just like someone who repents of any sin.

    I don’t know any Christians personally who hate gays. I’m sure there are some, just like there are some atheists who hate Muslims and some Democrats who hate Republicans.

    But no Christian friends of mine are dissembling hatred of gays.

    Maybe your Christian friends are very different to mine.

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  11. Christian dissemble their gay hatred with the concept of “sin”. When the world strikes back it’s “fuck you, I’m forgiven”.

    How convenience.


  12. That’s not true at all.

    First you are bringing up the prostitute issue from years ago.

    Christians have always listened to preachers who have repented – whether that be of theft, adultery, fornication, homosexual sins.

    If you say homosexual sex is not sin the fine. That’s your opinion. But you are completely mis-representing things.

    Most churches don’t accept the ministry of people currently in sin and unrepentant.

    But they do accept people who have repented and turned away from sin.

    Of course you could argue that fornication and prostitution aren’t sin. It’s a free country.

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  13. Christians don’t mind listening misogynistic, prostitute visiting serial adulterers. They revere paedophiles and paedophile protectors. These types are all welcome into the Kingdom of God. It’s gay people they hate. Hell bound evil gay people.

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