Spot the hazard


Catholic lawyer Sophie York argues gay marriage rings could be a workplace hazard.



15 thoughts on “Spot the hazard

  1. “One of the terrorists – Butt – helped as an assistant at the all-Muslim gym Ummah Fitness which is where they are seen meeting in the images.
    The gym is run by Sajeel Shahid, 41, who was part of hate preacher Choudary’s network which allegedly helped set up weapons training in Pakistan for the 7/7 murderers.”


    An “All- Muslim Gym”???

    I guess it would be “anti-Muslim” of me to even dare to ask what the hell an all-Muslim gym is….

    So…. only Muslims allowed??
    Is that ok?
    No women?

    That’s allowed??? Father Gregorita? It’s okay to have an all-Muslim gym????

    Let me think? Men-only gym? Probably not allowed.
    All-Christian gym?? There’d be an article here about that which Gregorita would have already preached against.

    Oh wait. I got it.
    It’s not really an all-Muslim gym after all. Because not matter how Muslim it seemed there were three extremists who worked out there so .. it’s not really Muslim at all.

    Nothing to worry about.
    And even if you as a Buddhist went there in secret, there’d be more chance of lightning coming through the window and zapping your traps in the Smith machine than getting killed by extremists.

    Right Father Greg?

    So, let’s bring in more Religionists of Peace.

    Islamic All-Muslim gyms – what are we afraid of?


  2. Oh – one last thing.
    Go see Wonder Woman .
    The lead is a super hit Israeli Babe!!
    Former Miss Israel!

    Maybe she doesn’t do anything for the homosexuals here , but trust me – for heteros she’s hot!

    Can’t watch it in Lebanon though…
    Nope. Maybe they need to hear that Kuwaiti song .

    Nope that won’t work either.

    Just too much hate in those peaceful Muslim countries.
    And with that last roundhouse kick, another Newcastle Anglican Priest is down for the count.


  3. UK Survey results.

    1. Two out of three Muslims would not give information if they knew details about a terror plot involving family or friends.
    2. over 50 percent of Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal.
    3. 23 percent of Muslims want Sharia law to become the dominant legal system in the country.
    4. 31 percent are completely comfortable with one man having multiple wives.

    Trevor Phillips, (who popularized the term “islamophobia”) former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said survey results showed

    “the unacknowledged creation of a nation within the nation, with its own geography, its own values and its own very separate future.”

    “For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape.

    Liberal opinion in Britain has, for more than two decades, maintained that most Muslims are just like everyone else… But thanks to the most detailed and comprehensive survey of British Muslim opinion yet conducted, we now know that just isn’t how it is.”

    Trevor Phillips admitted he was wrong. How long will it take Australian Anglican priests?

    You don’t read anything do you Greg?
    You don’t answer any specifics.

    An official statement condemning terrorism means everything is okay.

    You seriously think I am saying the Imam of a mosque in Manchester would make an official statement praising it?

    Actually one guy used to for years before they finally put him in jail.


  4. Greg’s answer to everything I have posted is that the Manchester mosque isn’t doing a funeral ?

    That’s it?

    So that means there is no problem with increasing Muslim immigration?

    Don’t worry folks every time a Muslim stabs, rapes, bombs or beheads you, they will not get a funeral and you’ll get a taxi ride.

    No problem.

    Anglican Priest? That’s it?

    That’s your solution?


  5. Question for St Wazza (reds under the bed) the Martyr.

    If you are so scared of the Russians weren’t you worried about Bill Clinton getting paid huge amounts by them , them donating to the Clinton Foundation and Selling them so much uranium?

    This sudden hatred of the Russians by liberals who loved them for decades is ….. really funny!

    Loved seeing that republican win. Especially after he body slammed some idiot reporter!
    Just wish there was a video.

    You guys – are losing .

    Throw everything you can at Trump, and you’re still losing.

    Love it!


  6. innocents as the threshold of evil, if I were a Muslim, and I had a thought pattern like Q’s, I’d be frightened of any westerner moving into my neighborhood.




    No that seems just the point. Muslims want to come into white western Christian neighborhoods . Because they DONT fear us.
    They know in a few years they have everything they want.,

    You just don’t get it do you.

    But Greg – you Abdul your liberal celebrities would NEVER go live with Muslims.

    Unless you had huge walls around your house and security with guns.

    (See what I did there?)


  7. Hey Gregorita and St Wazza the Martyr
    The poor people of Marawi in the the Phillipines are in trouble.

    Wazza could you send them some messages about the joys of martyrdom and Greg, could you get some of your Muslim taxi driver friends to send some free vouchers or something.

    The white liberal male … totally useless…

    Anyway, why am I talking . You guys are probably more outraged that Margaret Court isn’t in jail.

    Maybe you want to rename the stadium Blessed Martyrs of Allah Arena?

    Lgbtqixyz Stadium ?


  8. Once again, Greg has foolishly misunderstood . Or not read everything I have said.

    I’ve never said all Muslims are evil.
    I said the more Muslims in a country the more chance of violence and terrorism there is.

    If you want to blame all the Islamic terrorism in the different countries if the world on the fact that the United States dropped bombs in Muslim countries , then I don’t think you have read much about history or politics.

    Me against 3 or 4?

    I would never fight against women or children.
    Wazza tried to mock me for being afraid.

    I answered that I’m not personally afraid of Muslims.

    If some Muslim thugs cane after me I reckon I could take a few down.

    So – Manchester, Indonesia , and Marawi.

    So you think the Muslims killing there is because of Americans????

    So I think you need to take Wazza and protest outside Mr Obama’s house and ask him to apologize for all the bombs he dropped in Muslim countries.
    Go ahead. He dropped a lot in 8 years.
    Want the stats?

    Do you???

    While we’re on stats,…

    Here she your homework.
    If another 100 Muslims enter England, how many would be willing to be a suicide bomber, how many would sympathize, how many would report suspected suicide bomber to police.

    Answer that Gregorita, and I’ll give you a simple conclusion based on the stats.

    No, I’m not the problem. IM perfectly friendly to the nice mudlims ive met.

    Probably talked to more than you have.

    Bye thank God you or a Wazza aren’t President.

    A republican just won another election -lll



  9. If we’re comparing the killing of innocents as the threshold of evil, if I were a Muslim, and I had a thought pattern like Q’s, I’d be frightened of any westerner moving into my neighborhood.

    Numerous reports during the Obama Administration––including at least one by a former drone pilot––describe a pattern in which a missile fired from a U.S. drone hits an area, bystanders rush to the scene to help the wounded, and the drone, still overhead, kills the rescuers. On other occasions, drones have struck at funerals of drone-strike victims. It is hard to believe the threshold of “near certainty” is crossed in either kind of strike. Credible reports of civilian casualties are common.

    The West, by virtue of its unswerving support of US foreign policy, is complicit in the killing of thousands(if. It 10,s of thousands) of innocent people over the past 10 years. In a kind of way I’m impressed with Q’s ability to call Muslims evil, but what we do to them is just?

    You are what’s wrong with this world Q, you and your oh so macho, “me against 3 or 4 Muslims”….innocent women and children your kind of Muslim to fight Q?


  10. And – he doesn’t need to be stopped.,

    Business confidence is skyrocketing.

    Comey SHOULD have been fired (sooner or later)

    Trump stopped the Syrians from using chemical weapons (old Bernie wouldn’t have done anything and Hillary would have bombed EVERY airfield)

    He will solve the North Korea problem that Clinton worsened dramatically and useless Obama was powerless to stop.

    Illegal crossings of the border are down.

    Hundreds of sex traffickers have been arrested.

    I could go on.

    There’s is only one problem – bleating snowflakes who didn’t watch what Obama did and who are instant experts with absolutely no idea of politics or law.,


  11. Not a safety hazard.

    But probably people who don’t wear one will end up being bullied.

    Great marketing plan though.
    Like “marriage equality” and the use of the rainbow.

    Most people are unaware of the brainwashing.
    But kudos to them. If church leaders had half the marketing savvy of gays, things would be completely different.


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