Anglican abuse shame


The Anglican Church says it’s ashamed that between 1980 and 2015 there were 1,082 complaints of child sexual abuse, with at least one complaint reported in 22 of the Church’s 23 dioceses.



24 thoughts on “Anglican abuse shame

  1. You’ ve both posted on the wrong thread – this is the Anglican Abuse thread – not the Margaret Court thread – I agree with you Q, I dislike boycotts – it’s petulant and not at all what Christ would have us do in his name – so it would seem you also think she’s a hypocrite – well done.


  2. I really dislike these boycotts. Both from the left and the right. The people hurt are the employees and their families.

    Wazza, I wonder if Margot and the church watchers will refuse to go to Perth or the Margaret Court Arena until she stops teaching.
    Though Margot sure teaches a lot and is the leader of the pack over there.
    But she’s the one with the money.


  3. She claims authority for what she teaches based on a literal reading of the Bible – the same bible that says “I do not permit a woman to teach”!!!!


  4. YOu’ve over simplified.

    She’s not just speaking as a high profile person and neither is the homosexual.

    She’s objecting to him becoming CEO then speaking for Qantas, an airline she’s had a lot to do with.
    THere’s nothing wrong with a minister of religion speaking about matters of theology or morality.

    There’d be nothing wrong with you doing that either after you become a priest.


  5. I ought to be ashamed to be a Newcastle Anglican, given the disgusting crimes against children which have been brought to light by the work of the Royal Commission. However, I am actually proud. I am proud that our Bishop and his team of senior clergy and lay leaders were prepared to lead us staunchly into facing our past and as we built a safer, stronger future.

    I am disgusted by the hypocrisy of the men who used the same hands that consecrated the sacraments to commit the most heinous crimes against children. Children they sought out becuse of their isolation and weakness. Children who looked to them as father figures, but who received nothing but pain and horror from them. I am disgusted at the leadership in our diocese over the years which protected the abusers and made life impossible for the abused and those who sought to bring light into darkness.

    I am proud to be not only a member of the Anglican Church and the diocese of Newcastle, but I am also proud that in 4 weeks I will stand/kneel before our Bishop who will lay actual holy hands on me to ordain me as a Deacon in the church of God…and then, God (and the Bishop) willing, on December 9 I will be made a priest.

    Why am I proud? Because we have not and will not attempt to hide or cover our shame, we have and will continue to face it…and that is a healthy thing.


  6. Margaret Court claiming it is wrong for Alan Joyce to promote same sex marriage through Qantas, while she uses her profile to argue against it is hypocritical and is what I am referring to.


  7. Funny. I was expecting an “hypocrite ” rant here by Greg .


    Don’t really get this.

    Trying to understand the workings of this man’s mind….

    Spends post after post defending Muslims.

    Attacks Trump with a passion.,
    JUmps on the liberal bandwagon to go after Margaret. Hypocrite! He says.

    This article on the dwindling old stodgy church of geriatrics whose only relevance is the huge number of child sexual abuse cases …,

    And not a peep?

    All quiet on the western Anglican front.

    Margaret has more integrity and courage in the end of her toenail she clipped off than some the insipid feminine liberal men who frequent the anti-Christian hate sites.



  8. Melly…..
    I know you’re really a man. You just need to stop dressing up like a lady.
    I know everyone else here thinks that perfectly normal, but, lose the dress man.


  9. Yes. Loved by every red-blooded woman who meets me.

    Good to see you back. Every now and then your comments make sense.


  10. Lionfish is strangely silent.
    Go after Hillsong as long as you want. But look at the Anglican Church. Such debauchery never seen since Old Henry.
    Why anyone would have anything to do with a church that began in sexual excess and sin and now seems to be ending in sex abuse and theological confusion is beyond me.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for Greg and Lionfish to start a blog highlighting the sin and corruption of the Anglican Church.

    Probably no use / just let it die a slow death?

    But right now I need to apologize to Bones, Wazza, Greg and any alphabet people.

    I got that alphabet thing wrong – I’m forgetting the “plus”

    “decided that the term “Bi” (short for bisexual) is insufficiently inclusive, and are campaigning to have it replaced with “Bi+”.

    They argue that the term, which traditionally refers to those attracted to both men and women, is incompatible with the huge array of available gender identities.

    Delegates at an LGBT+ conference in London this month were told that the Bi label needed to expand to properly include those who are – for example – polysexual, pan-sexual or omni-romantic.”

    What about G-? Not quite gay….?

    One day when they’ve used up all the letters of the alphabet with plus and minus permutations – mankind will evolve to where there’s just normal people. Men and women who like each other.

    Won’t be anymore hypocritical Anglicans either probably. They will either have all been arrested or died of old age listening to Greg the Vicar’s didgeridoo and the Explorer’s elementary school level lame rhyme jokes.

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  11. Funny how no politician or tv pundit doesn’t say “Just remember Christianity is a religion of love and peace” and “a great religion” and let’s remember that “the majority are peaceful” and that this ISNT Christianity.


  12. Probably after machine gunning of teachers, or gays, or Uncles.

    But I understand your sentiment.
    Glad I ain’t Anglican.


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