Bible and beer boycott


A beer company is being boycotted after it partnered with the Bible Society to produce a video debate about gay marriage featuring Federal Liberal politicians Tim Wilson and Andrew Hastie.




3 thoughts on “Bible and beer boycott

  1. What does toking a spliff mean?

    Trump supporters know nothing of these things.
    But, I suggest you quit drugs and come back to the real world. Then you’ll understand things clearly and not be so confused.


  2. This was well done.
    Great idea to have people articulate the argument of the other side. Love it when people keep things polite and civil.

    Having said that …..
    The host should look in the mirror when he puts a tie on! Or had he finished a whole keg! Damn irritating!

    And good on the sensible, articulate, intelligent, heterosexual guy. He should probably watch his back though.


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