US Christian consultant Lance Wallnau has recounted a story of a gay bar owner converting to Christianity after eating an ‘anointed’ cake.

From http://www.chron.com/life/dating-relationships/article/Dallas-pastor-claims-prayed-over-cake-stopped-a-11020791.php


16 thoughts on “Half-baked

  1. Funny.

    Almost as funny as there being 112 genders.
    The Priest would believe that.
    He’d believe basically anything from someone wearing and LGBTQI Tshirt would tell him.

    Australia is heading down an abyss led by people who don’t know if they are men and women and are so dumb they don’t understand basic biology or physiology.
    Gregory – a penis is designed to go into a vagina.
    You still don’t understand that?

    A man who had no sexual interest in women but would rather put his penis into a man’s anus needs help, not a wedding ring.

    Very simple. Anglican priests should help them.

    Regenerate reprobate heretical Anglican priests should be helping boys , not telling them to cut off their penises and testicles and getting breasts out on.

    If there is a hell – surely it is reserved for religious leaders who abuse children. And abuse takes many forms.

    Anglican priests – help boys grow to be men.
    Do your sacred duty. All the silly pointed hats and expensive ecclesiastical robes don’t change basic biology or common sense or clear Bible teaching.

    Wake up and be men of God showing the path of truth and life – or get out and do an honest dats work for a living and stop taking offerings to support your lazy left-wing lifestyles.


  2. Speaking of half-baked.

    Remember I said that Trump would win, and you fools laughed and just believed your late night lampooning leftist lions?

    Well – your insane Russian collusion with Trump stories.
    Most of your leftist journalists have abandoned that story.

    It’s s already over after Comey talked..

    But just for the record remember I said it and I’ll say it again.

    Trump will NOT be impeached.
    It will NOT be proven that there was collusion between Russia and Trump.

    So, Bones is so happy he scurried off – otherwise he would have been arguing for the last month parroting left wing news media and comedians that Trump will be impeached and the obvious Trump/Russia collusion story will be proven.

    You guys get it wrong time after time.

    Think for yourselves.
    Huffington Post and late night comedians are just using you.

    Use your brains – and I don’t mean eat others brains like disgusting anti-Trump potty mouthed liberal lunatic Reza Aslan!!!!


  3. Funny just imagining Wazza and bones kissing each other on the cheeks then donning their pussy hats and shouting Viva la Resistance with French accents and starting up with the Fff&¥&&
    Trump chants..
    Human brain refreshments will be provided by fired anti-Trump lunatic Reza Aslan.
    (Haha Greg reaches for google lol)


  4. Latest homosexual news is that gay Trump supporters were stopped from participating in a gay march.

    But the LA gay pride march has been cancelled and will become the Resist March.

    I probably don’t need to explain the tactics and reasoning behind this.

    But …. sad for gays , bisexuals out there who might Night disagree with all of Trump’s policies.

    Anyone it’s on now.

    Now homosexuals instead of having their own day have to also join hands with baby killers.

    Trump has dramatically reduced sex-trafficking and is vehemently opposed to female genital mutilation that Muslims are carrying out.

    I wonder if Wazza, Bones and Greg believe in their causes enough to get out their Pussy hats and march against Trump and for abortion with their homosexual friends.


  5. I shouldn’t really post here.,
    But the title is half-baked.

    Now since Hillary lost Wazza has another Great White Liberal Hope. CHELSEA!!!

    ““Just listening to the concerns around education and climate change, women’s health, child marriage, access to technology, all of those are of course interconnected,” Clinton said .

    child Marriage- and climate change?!

    The event host introduced Clinton as an “activist, thought leader, and change agent.”

    Change agent and thought leader?!?

    That’s why I can’t break this groupsects habit.

    Nude church services, Anglican didgeridoo liturgies, free Muslim taxi services to your next suicide bombing, and the Joys of Martyrdom books as the antidote to terrorism concerns.
    And now Chelsea the Change Agent who is unraveling the climate change/child marriage mystery.

    Yep. The liberal hits just keep coming right here!

    Where logic, facts and common sense have been totally eradicated.,
    You’re free to just enjoy unbridled liberal madness!


  6. In a similar vein, Rick Wiles reports:

    “Our military is developing an army of human flesh-eating robots. If you do not conform to the requirements of this new society, they’re going to send a robot to your house to eat you for lunch. That may sound extremely radical, but that’s where they’re taking it. They will reduce the human population. You will conform!”


  7. Infowars reports, British teen sex slaves fed into meat grinders by Muslims. The only question is, were they facing Mecca at the time.


  8. Looking at the bigger picture here in terms of the multiverse. Should beings from different universes be allowed to marry when inter-universe travel is feasible (after Trump makes America great again).


  9. Sorry – forgot the link to the guy and his two bisexual lovers.
    Happy home..
    But why can’t they have a three member marriage?


    What if one of them is in intensive care????

    I think gay couples should refuse to get married until bisexuals can have three member marriages!


  10. Me? Who do I want to be?
    I want to be me. A man who loves women and is loved by women.
    Who do YOU want to be Explorer?


  11. As opposed to men who aren’t interested in normal biological sex or men who say they are women or men who want their genitals cut off or women who get their breasts cut off and ….all the rest of the alphabet people


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