Pastor accused of staging burglary


A US pastor is accused of lying about a home burglary to collect insurance money to pay off a drug debt.



62 thoughts on “Pastor accused of staging burglary

  1. Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari warned Western officials this week that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime will leak the names of all Western officials who were bribed to pass the weak deal.

    Lol go ahead, make our day!!!


  2. At last, someone with a brain is commenting.
    Great to see you Wazza.

    And yes, I think Trump is doing incredibly well.

    Hope your daughter is doing okay.

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  3. Well I came back on here for ol’ times sake and what do you know, Q is still worshipping at the altar of Trump. So apparently you can conduct international diplomacy by calling people names like “Liddle rocket man” and taunting them that you have a bigger button than them – Who knew? I also didn’t know that you could run the White house on absolute chaos, contradicting members of the administration and even your own private lawyers in between firing people. While trying to hose down questions about paying off porn-stars and playboy models and links with Russian operatives. And then cancelling an agreement with Iran in the process damaging relations with all allies and sending a message to N Korea that America’s word is not to be trusted. Oh, and I didn’t think that you could call Nazis good people , support Paedophiles for election, denigrate law enforcement and admit sexual assault and still be President

    So well done Q, unlike me you predicted that someone of such low moral character could be President. In fact you’ve separated morals from the Presidency all together. Apparently we should judge Trump purely by results and not how he gets to them. Happy to do that, the results will be a weakening of democracy, a country at war with itself, more poverty and inequality and a loss of respect for America in the world.


  4. Bones, Wazza, Greg – look at what your team has degenerated into. Making fun of Asian names. Low, pathetic , not the slightest bit funny.

    Accusing Trump of racism when they are just racist, boorish buffoons.

    The left is down for the count.


  5. Guys, I’d forget comedy . You’re trying hard but you’re just not funny. Failures at comedy and politics. Just go and clean up beaches or something . By the way,
    In April, the federal government took in a record sum of $515 billion in taxes, according to a newly released Congressional Budget Office report. During that time, we spent $297 billion. Yes, you read that correctly: We actually took in more than we spent — a lot more. That $218 billion surplus is, in fact, a new record, beating the previous record set back in 2001 ($190 billion) by $28 billion.

    How was your April?

    91% negative coverage, but the US just keeps getting better..
    Pretty racist to make fun of Asians though.

    The true racists are liberals.

    Oh btw did your hear about the anti-Trump liberal #metoo guy who has now resigned after several women accused him of beating them?

    Beating women …. duch a left-wing girlie man thing to do.

    It’s over guys.

    You are indeed the biggest losers


  6. It is indeed good news that hostages Kum Hai Nao, Sum Ting Wong and Hoo Flung Poo have been released.


  7. “The freed Americans told the State Department upon touching down in Alaska Wednesday evening: “We would like to express our deep appreciation to the United States government, President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, and the people of the United States for bringing us home. We thank God, and all our families and friends who prayed for us and for our return. God Bless America, the greatest nation in the world.”

    Let the insane rants, cussing and nonsensical deflections from political analyst Mr Uck Fuff begin….


  8. Ps don’t get me wrong , I’m not a great fan of the NYT. They usually bash Trump.

    In fact they embarrassed themselves with this

    “At a Key Moment, Trump’s Top Diplomat Is Again Thousands of Miles Away.”

    So where was Pompeo?
    Bring the three hostages back. Incredible foreign affairs victory.

    Now … do I need to explain who Pompeo is or who the three hostages are?

    Run away Uck (Clever name – how imaginative – are you 11?)


  9. Like I said – latest news is that hostages are on their way home.
    Next the Korean War will be officially over.

    Stay tuned for more good news.

    Blacks are doing better under Trump than they ever have before.

    No white supremacy. I’m for all races being equal.

    Trump stopped immigration temporarily from a few countries – just like Obama did.,

    I have different views re guns.

    Trump is doing great. Regardless of hypocritsl media, and ignorant Australian attacks.

    Keep raving Mr Uck or Bones or Doolittle or whoever you are.

    But I’ll warn you. You’re really out of your depth.


  10. You sound like some pretend colored Trump supporter. That’s because you don’t come out in support of the white race, zero muslim immigration and armed teachers in schools.

    You’re no Trump supporter. Just a Hilary shit bag with a small penis.


  11. Lol

    Hey this must be Bones back? Totally ignored the post and went on a crazy rant! Rotfl

    The hostages in NK will probably be coming back thanks to Trump and his hardline guys.

    Sorry guys. You can rant, and go off on tangents. But Trump is doing more good than the black guy did in 8 years.

    In fact he’s fixing things up.

    And it was the New York Times.

    You’re going to have to do better. We weren’t discussing guns or Alex Jones.

    Hilarious the way you run away like that.

    Man, this is easy.

    So whoever you are, maybe you should consult with bones and get a few people working on responses.


  12. I’m 200% behind The Donald on allowing more people to have more gunss. Except muslims and illegal immigrants of course.

    And in great news reported by Breitbart, Chinese and Indian student visas have declined by 20% or more. If one of these foreigners or a muslim attacks, you have a better chance if you are carrying a gun.

    True Trump supporters will agree.


  13. Until Alex Jones sharted on The Donald over the Syrian missile attack, Infowars was also a reliable news source with good background analysis. For now it’s best to rely on Breitbart. Be careful of left wing retards who quote from the New York Times.


  14. Listen you little twunt. If The Donald calls it the failing New York Times then that’s good enough for me. I’d sooner believe Mr Trump than some libtard loser quoting from the MSM. Everyone knows Donald’s tweets are the most reliable and truthful news available today.


  15. Btw I assume you were both joking.
    If not you may be confusing the New York Times with the New York Post?
    The NYT is over 100 years old, probably the most trusted newspaper in the US and received more Pulitzer Prizes than other newspapers .

    Though they did totally get it wrong with assuming Hillary would win – and subsequently apologized for being so wrong.

    The editor

    “ insisting his staff had “reported on both candidates fairly,” he also vowed that the paper would “rededicate ourselves to the fundamental mission of Times journalism. That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor.”

    Hard discussing things with clowns from Australia who don’t really understand the world and probably get their news filtered through a 2nd rate comedian or that dark Muslim guy who bones worshipped because he had a good “Logie”

    Now ask world citizens was a logie is and very few would know.

    Bye convicts


  16. There are many statistics about unemployment, food stamps, investment, black employment , business confidence , job growth, capital inflow etc etc that are beyond dispute and show great improvements in the economy.

    I could have listed so much more.

    Considering the boneheads here and the bonehead political analysts predicting the economy would tank overnight if Trump won, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a couple of Aussies who no understanding of politics or economics but eith a psychotic degree of hate for Trump would question sources.
    Oh my goodness.

    Bones please come back . Someone? Anyone?

    I’ll forgive the cussing. Cussing with brains is one thing but ….. the leftover peanut gallery here are embarrassing the liberal cause…


  17. I think Mr Foff is saying that even if the alleged facts quoted by Q are true, sourcing them from the NYT casts doubt on their accuracy. Why not use a reputable source of news, Q? One that Mr Trump approves of, for example, Twitter.


  18. Anyone who trusts the fake news from the failing New York Times is a Hilary supporting loser. And from a journalist to boot. Journalists are even stinkier turds than democrap pedophilitions.


  19. Some of the terminology and figures will be lost on some of the ignorant here and this isn’t religious – but since most here Keri bashing trump …….

    On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks said that the GOP tax bill is working better than he thought it would and the evidence “seems to be that what the Trump people told us would happen is happening, that companies are reinvesting the money.”

    Brooks stated, “I was against the Trump tax cuts. But the early evidence is that they’re working better than I thought. And so, in the first quarter, among S&P companies, capital expenditures are up 39 percent. That’s a seven-year high. That’s far higher than a lot of us thought

    I could paste more – but it might be too difficult to read for Doolalley and Pantsie etc


  20. 1. Leaders of Australia, Germany, Japan etc credit Trump with the recent actions of Kim. Most people who read world news realize its economics not the state of a tunnel – and that’s the result of Trump, getting international support. South Korean leader suggests a nobel prize for trump.
    But of course some fat white guy in Australia with a silly name knows better than international leaders and journalists.

    As for the alpha male comment , that is just absurd. Of course it means your calling Obana a beta or gamma male because not only did he not bomb NK but he made it worse.

    Trump not bombing is just proof his methods are working.

    Well Pantsie, those last two comments showed your desperation.

    I’d lay off political discussion and stick to just silly insults. You’re way out of your depth here.

    Stay tuned for more historic news in the next month.

    Trump rose another 4 points recently by the way.

    Man, the whole world is thankful Trump is in charge of things and not the fat Aussie guy…,

    Ps proof came out about Iran lying . Your black boofhead was well and truly hoodwinked – in spite of the millions in cash he handed over.

    Don’t worry Trump is fixing the mistakes the black talker you worship made.

    Now go back to grinder


  21. The real reason for the rapprochement between the two Koreas was the alarming deterioration of North Korea’s nuclear test site. It changed from “tired mountain syndrome” to “fucked mountain collapse” with radiation potentially leaking imto China and other areas. Besides China”s military strategy is changing and no longer requires a puppet state in Notth Korea.


  22. An alpha-male president would have bombed the shit out of North Korea by now. I guess zero-libido, girly-man Trump and his homosexual military were too scared. They need to hire some warrior muslims in the army instead of Q’s grandmother.


  23. Not from Fox but CNN.

    “Washington (CNN)Any way you cut it, President Donald Trump is entitled to significant credit for Friday’s historic opening between the two Koreas.

    Whether he deserves as much as he’s claiming or whether he’s wise to bullishly declare a new era of denuclearized peace on the peninsula seems much more doubtful.
    Still, the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in keeps alive the possibility of a legacy win for Trump that would rank as one of the top presidential achievements since World War II.”


  24. The historic meeting between the leaders of the two Koreas is not govt propaganda. Even liberal anti-Trump commentators are amazed and giving Trump credit.

    Elon Musk? If you don’t realize he’s one of the smartest, innovative people on the planet who will and us changing history, I think you’re a bit out of your depth here. Can you convince Bones and Wazza to come back. I really miss the smart guys here.


  25. It’s surprises me that a sophisticated person lime yourself, Q, believes government propaganda. Do you really support billionaires who are only out to increase their wealth at taxpayers’ expense? Including Elon Musk who can’t make a profit manufacturing poor quality cars with massive tax subsidies. Just like all shitty American cars. Hope you’ve shorted Tesla shares because the company is about to go down the sewer.


  26. Leaders of two Koreas met first time since 1953.
    Only because of Trump’s sanctions.
    The black fool accomplished nothing.

    (Now don’t play the racist card – if you can call trump orange you can call Obama black and Expantsie lily white)


  27. You read the wrong news.

    Ask Elon Musk and others about his tariff position.
    China already dropped car tariffs because of Trumps move. All the indicators are great re the economy.

    Look at some real news Pantsie.
    Approval is higher than ever.

    The alternative was Hillary. And if you are such an idiot that you would vote for a woman who according to your new pin up boy Comey was extremely careless with classified information, deleted 33,000 emails from a private server that was going to be investigated … I could go on.,

    Oh yeah. You are another idiot who thinks she misspoke when she boasted about being under sniper fire when she … well she wasn’t.

    By the way mr Idiot, you predicted trump would lose!

    Do you want some examples of hilarious statements by Democrats?
    Black democrat senator who asked if the mars rover would find the flag – not realizing that was the moon.

    If you want a debate moron bring it on.


  28. More news of Trump’s lies about his wealth, lies about his overnight stay in Russia, his obsession with the “pee tape” and his economic ineptitude about tariffs.

    There is a special term for Trump and his supporters.

    Fucking idiots.


  29. “Muslim parents recently erupted when the Jersey City school board announced it would not suddenly cancel classes for all students to mark Islam’s Eid al-Adha holiday, due Sept. 24.
    The Muslim parents loudly protested even though the board said students “can continue to take days off for religious purposes without penalty,” including Sept. 24. But the parents wanted the state to accept their religious event, and to impose their holiday on other students.”

    If they wail and cry and rage about that, I’ve got a great idea. How about Explorer Pants and Donald Doolaleey go there and teach them about homosexual sex and marriage. They’d love that!


  30. So the last comment wasn’t good poetry, wasn’t funny, completely divorced from reality, and just showed the twisted sick but also the complete lack of intelligence of the writer.

    But since you want to play I’ll answer. I’m not obsessed by sex. I have too much more than I want or need. My daughter is not retarded. Lucky you say that in anonymity, because if you were in front of me you’d be running. But I’d catch you a beat you to within an inch of your life – if you were lucky. What a disgusting punk. Great representative of either liberal or backslidden Christianity.

    Liberalism. – political and theological is obviously totally bankrupt if this is what it has degenerated into. If this is you Bones, I’m sorry that you turned into this. It’s not a pretty sight.


  31. Dedication to me, Q

    I’m obsessed by sex a la botty
    Mooslims make me shake on my potty
    Granny’s in the army and she”s a hotty
    Misst go and fuck my retarded daughter in her cotty


  32. But since you got me back here Pantsman and Doolittle, here’s some feed for you choose.

    Trumps approval rating is going up in spite or relentless media attacks.

    Unlike Obama he made the right call in Syria – backed by France, UK and Germany (oh and that beautiful country Israel) and many Demorats.

    He talked tough with China and was criticized for it but they’ve reduced car tariffs.

    Doing great.

    As is Hillsong. Just gets bigger and bigger – unlike the Anglicans and other churches accepting of gays, lesbians and who knows what else.

    On the other hand ….

    THE mother and father of a two-year-old have decided not to tell people the gender of their toddler.

    “Kyl and Brent Myer are part of the Gender Creative Parenting movement and have decided to raise their child Zoomer in a gender neutral environment”

    So the loonie left are alive and well and doing their best to confuse a generation of kids.

    Very very sad.


  33. Once again your reading comprehension has let you down. Not out of the closet and have no desire to enlist the above people in the US army.
    Are you 11?

    At least I know you aren’t Greg, Bones or Wazza. I disagreed with them but they had an understanding of English, great general knowledge and intelligence.

    But actually now that I think about it there are lots of bad ass grandmothers out there who would be good in the military.


  34. It’s good you are out of the closet, Q. Not sure about your desire to see the US military hire grandmothers, incest survivors and Donald Doolally family members. Don’t you think this would give Russia an edge, militaristically speaking?


  35. If you think that is supporting gays in the military you have worse comprehension skills than Donald. And that’s saying something. You could be in the army and the US would still win.

    Your grandmother could be in the US army and they’d win. Gays already serve in the military so what’s your point?
    If a chaplain isn’t allowed to refuse to do a gay wedding, or Help a soldier who wants to stop having homosexual sex then I think there’s a problem.
    No I am not in the closet.


  36. And yes, America can win a war against Russia.
    I don’t want war.
    But I’d like freedom for North Koreans, Chinese and protection for Israel.


  37. Mr E. Pants, I’ve never said that having gays in the military will mean the US can’t defeat a country with no gays in it. America with 2% gays, 2% pedophiles, 3% incestuous Doolally clan in its army would still defeat Zimbabwe. Crazy point you make there.
    Trump isn’t going to war with Russia or China.
    I’ll bet you a lifetime subscription to gtoupsectd that WW3 won’t start this year.

    Even Merkel said she is supportive of military retaliation in Syria though.

    It’s eady being a fat idiot in Australia bashing the President without offering solutions.

    As for those weird gay marriage comments under yours, yes I still think it’s weird for a man to want to kiss a man, have anal sex and breakfast with a man he builds a home with.,obviously you, bones, Greg, Wazza, Donald think it’s a lovely thought that should be legalized and protected. I think it’s nuts, sick and not to be encouraged.

    But you guys won the referendum. By all means, marry a man and have all the guilt free homosexual activity you want.
    But to me it’s unnatural, sad, and not what men are supposed to do.


  38. Do you think Trump can win a war against Russia?
    I’m expecting an in-depth global strategy analysis from Q that factors in Russia’s strong anti-gay stance vs America’s gay-friendly military.


  39. Marriage has been overtaken by homosexuals. Frankly, gays can keep this institution that is now synonymous with unconstrained, protected, private domestic violence.

    I hope all proud heterosexuals join me in abandoning the anachronistic and evil institution of marriage.

    Marriage for gays and muslims not real people


  40. That last comment was obviously not from me. There are only 5 letters in “realQ” I cant be the Antichrist.


  41. No.
    But most of the people on this site would think that’s a valid question.

    Anyway, there are no gay whales. They died in Noah’s flood.

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  42. Since you obviously want me to comment – here goes.

    What I said about homosexuals was always right.
    Gay marriage should never have been passed..

    Like I said -this was never just about getting married.

    Now that they have this, they won’t stop.

    Take the Israel Folau incident.

    1. Homosexuals agitate until sporting boards take a position on the issue
    2. Gay marriage is passed.

    3. Now they can stop anyone from having a contrary opinion or take them down.
    Israel was asked a question in Twitter. Probably set up by a homosexual.
    He answered. You may not like his answer.
    For thousands of years people wouldn’t have disagreed but now many do.

    There is no test about what Catholics believe about Protestants, Hindus believe about Jains, or what Muslims believe about different sects of Islam or non-Muslims.

    But they’ll target Israel Folau and then pile on and threaten sponsors until he is forced to either leave rugby or apologize and change his beliefs.

    This is a terrible place we’ve come to.
    He stated his beliefs. Without malice. Everyone knows he’s a nice man.

    But the gays are now bating for blood and won’t rest up.



  43. It’s funny how homosexuals are attacking Israel Folau and boycotting his sponsors while leaving us alone. I guess they’re too cowardly to take us on. All I can do is laugh at the hypocrisy. Oh I’m not really Donald’s friend.
    I just pretend so I can play around with his wife while he’s having gay sex romps. Oops. I shouldn’t have said that.
    Anyway, wife?

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  44. If I was a serial killer my name would be “The suspense” and my victims would be like, “oh no, the suspense is killing me” and we would both laugh right before I killed them.


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