TB Joshua church jumper

Synagogue Church Of All Nations video


The Maravi Post reports…

“Dramatic footage of a young man dangerously jumping from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) gallery was shown to congregants on Sunday 28th September 2014, coupled with a stern message from T.B. Joshua to his detractors.

As the under-fire pastor moved in the midst of worshippers during a time of prophecy, commotion ensued when a young man blindly leapt off the high gallery of The SCOAN. Crying out whilst writhing on the floor with church workers gathered around him, he claimed he needed ‘deliverance’ from Joshua.

Later in the prayer line, the young man, who sustained only a minor injury to his hand in the fanatical act, asked God for forgiveness for disrupting the service, adding that he loved Joshua’s ministry and wanted his prayers.

Joshua played back the clip of the ‘suicidal’ act, which was remarkably recorded from a distant camera. “There is nothing you can do secretly here without being exposed by the Spirit of God,” he commented, reminding people how a security camera similarly captured footage of the tragic building that collapsed in The SCOAN, now crucial evidence in the ongoing investigation.

In an uncharacteristic fashion, Joshua had earlier spoken angrily about people spreading lies and falsehoods in relation to the incident, warning that God’s wrath would soon befall them.

“Don’t allow yourself to be used by satan,” Joshua cautioned people. “I said that our God will get back to them. He has started somewhere…I pray the satanic agents should be the only ones to suffer this. Warn your family and brothers about their talk… God is a God of vengeance – anybody can go for it.”

The cleric continued that the incident was actually provoking God to reveal to the world more evidence of his Divine calling.

“I have been on this journey for 27 years. Do you think God can close His eyes and rubbish everything here? They are asking God to bring more evidence of whether He is the One who called me. Warn everyone to be very careful. This issue at hand is a delicate issue. Whatever anybody wants to write, let them write it; they will be the ones to read it. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let us be very careful of our tongue,” he somberly stated.

Joshua has been the centre of a barrage of criticism since the tragic building collapse in his church claimed 115 lives, 84 of whom were identified as South Africans.

“Your responsibility is to the victims and the relations of the victims and martyrs of faith,” the controversial pastor continued. “If you say you are born again, look for them. Share what you have with them – your love, prayer, affection and strength. This is what we call ‘born again’ – your pain is my pain; your joy is my joy.”

Joshua prayed for family members of the ‘martyrs of faith’, that God would “open their understanding more to know happened here”, as well as giving them “the grace to continue in Him”.

He added that only genuine Christians would understand his message and response to the tragedy. “When you are outside the light, you can’t understand what I am talking about,” he said.”

From http://www.maravipost.com/201409307189/People/scoan-update-dramatic-footage-of-young-worshipper-leaping-from-high-gallery.html


Synagogue Church Of All Nations video

Kong Hee on trial – updated*

City Harvest Church video


Channel NewsAsia reports…

“Taking the stand for the 13th day, City Harvest Church finance manager Sharon Tan on Tuesday (Sep 30) reiterated that her main concern was about “related party transactions” in the church’s investments. The 39-year-old said so in response to questions from her lawyer, Senior Counsel Kannan Ramesh, during re-examination. 

Tan is one of six leaders charged with misusing millions of dollars of church funds to boost the career of singer Sun Ho, the wife of church founder Kong Hee. They are accused of doing so through sham bond investments in two companies, production house Xtron and glassware manufacturer Firna, and then covering them up.

On Tuesday, the court was shown an email dated May 2009, where fund manager Chew Eng Han, who is also one of the accused, had proposed a plan for the redemption of Xtron bonds.

This involved the church paying Xtron a large amount as advance rental for it to secure premises for church services and activities. The advance rental could then contribute towards redemption of the bonds. 

Under the plan, part of the advance rental would also be used to buy the artiste management rights for Sun Ho from Ultimate Assets, a company owned by Indonesian businessman and church member, Wahju Hanafi.

Ho’s recording and launching of secular music albums was part of the church’s Crossover Project, which aimed to evangelise and influence those who would never choose to step into a church.

Tan had understood that any links between the project and the church would have to be discreet for the project to be “as secular as possible” so that it would not be jeopardised. As such, she had concerns that the advance rental from the church that was used to buy the rights from Ultimate Assets, would be seen by auditors. 

Tan said that this may give rise to the issue of related party transactions, which would lead to disclosure of the links between the church and companies such as Ultimate Assets.”

From http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/chc-trial-related-party/1390330.html

Lawsuit says Chuck Smith’s death ‘hastened’


ABC7 reports…

The family of Pastor Chuck Smith is embroiled in a legal battle over control his Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa megachurch. His daughter has filed suit alleging elder abuse and neglect when Smith died.

Pastor Chuck Smith died nearly a year ago. He was married to his wife Kay for 65 years. They grew their congregation from 25 people to 1,400 churches worldwide.

Janette Manderson, Smith’s daughter, spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News on behalf of her 87-year-old mother, Kay, who suffers from dementia.

“It’s still a shock. It’s almost a year later and still I can’t really process it. Why didn’t they help my dad?” said Manderson.

A lawsuit filed on Kay’s behalf alleges elder abuse and neglect, and points the finger at Smith’s son-in-law, Brian Brodersen, married to the Smiths’ youngest daughter, Cheryl.

The lawsuit alleges Smith’s “death was hastened” and he suffered “significant pain and anguish” the night he had trouble breathing and died from a heart attack.

Smith had terminal lung cancer. Manderson was appointed by her parents as trustee and put in charge of his healthcare. She says she was out of town and not told how close he was to death.

“Nobody had called 911 until my nephew finally stepped in and did it. The nurse wouldn’t do it and told him not to call 911,” said Manderson.

“The son-in-law, Brian, is the one who oversaw the selection of the nurse and she’s directly under his supervision, and from what we know he’s the one that she contacted for instructions,” said Jillyn Hess-Verdon, Kay Smith’s attorney. “The evidence we have, the paramedics got there and said ‘Why haven’t you people called 911?'”

“When Pastor Chuck died, the church cut off Kay,” said Hess-Verdon.

A monthly annuity benefit of up to $10,000 to support the Smiths was gone.

The lawsuit alleges the annuity was in exchange for Smith taking himself off the church payroll years before.

A $1-million life insurance policy was also gone.

The lawsuit alleges that in 2006, the board of directors got Smith to change the beneficiary from Kay and Smith’s non-profit organization “The Word For Today” to the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

“I believe dad was pressured. The board started pressuring dad several years ago on various things,” said Manderson.

The lawsuit alleges Brodersen and the board of directors, which he chairs, took advantage of Smith’s failing health and age to take control of the megachurch.

According to the lawsuit, within a day of the pastor’s death some members of the board took over the pastor’s office and computers and took full control of The Word For Today Incorporated property.

The Word For Today non-profit organization includes radio broadcasts, books and DVDs.

“Pastor Chuck and Kay’s desire was that The Word For Today be a non-profit under independent leadership so that it could oversee his legacy for many, many years to come,” said Hess-Verdon.

Manderson says that “independent leadership” meant her and her family, not the board of directors.

“The board is holding on to everything of dad’s and not giving it to us,” said Mandrson.

Brodersen had no comment and referred Eyewitness News to Roger Wing, the board’s assistant secretary. Wing said he couldn’t comment on specific allegations but stressed: “Everything we did, we did according to the law and according to stipulations given … what Pastor Chuck and the board had worked out.”

“It makes me sad, it makes me feel that they’re dishonoring my dad and disrespecting his wishes,” said Manderson.

Manderson says the church began paying some of the monthly annuities owed, but only after she retained attorneys.”

From http://abc7.com/news/lawsuit-filed-in-family-battle-over-oc-megachurch/326495/

The Islamic case against ‘ISIS’


The Huffington Post reports…

“More than 120 Muslim scholars from around the world joined an open letter to the “fighters and followers” of the Islamic State, denouncing them as un-Islamic by using the most Islamic of terms.

Relying heavily on the Quran, the 18-page letter released Wednesday (Sept. 24) picks apart the extremist ideology of the militants who have left a wake of brutal death and destruction in their bid to establish a transnational Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

Even translated into English, the letter will still sound alien to most Americans, said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, who released it in Washington with 10 other American Muslim religious and civil rights leaders.

“The letter is written in Arabic. It is using heavy classical religious texts and classical religious scholars that ISIS has used to mobilize young people to join its forces,” said Awad, using one of the acronyms for the group. “This letter is not meant for a liberal audience.”

Even mainstream Muslims, he said, may find it difficult to understand.

Awad said its aim is to offer a comprehensive Islamic refutation, “point-by-point,” to the philosophy of the Islamic State and the violence it has perpetrated. The letter’s authors include well-known religious and scholarly figures in the Muslim world, including Sheikh Shawqi Allam, the grand mufti of Egypt, and Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, the mufti of Jerusalem and All Palestine.

A translated 24-point summary of the letter includes the following: “It is forbidden in Islam to torture”; “It is forbidden in Islam to attribute evil acts to God”; and “It is forbidden in Islam to declare people non-Muslims until he (or she) openly declares disbelief.”

This is not the first time Muslim leaders have joined to condemn the Islamic State. The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, for example, last week told the nation’s Muslims that they should speak out against the “terrorist and murderers” who fight for the Islamic State and who have dragged Islam “through the mud.”

But the Muslim leaders who endorsed Wednesday’s letter called it an unprecedented refutation of the Islamic State ideology from a collaboration of religious scholars. It is addressed to the group’s self-anointed leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and “the fighters and followers of the self-declared ‘Islamic State.’”

But the words “Islamic State” are in quotes, and the Muslim leaders who released the letter asked people to stop using the term, arguing that it plays into the group’s unfounded logic that it is protecting Muslim lands from non-Muslims and is resurrecting the caliphate — a state governed by a Muslim leader that once controlled vast swaths of the Middle East.

“Please stop calling them the ‘Islamic State,’ because they are not a state and they are not a religion,” said Ahmed Bedier, a Muslim and the president of United Voices of America, a nonprofit that encourages minority groups to engage in civic life.

President Obama has made a similar point, referring to the Islamic State by one of its acronyms — “the group known as ISIL” — in his speech to the United Nations earlier Wednesday. In that speech, Obama also disconnected the group from Islam.

Enumerating its atrocities — the mass rape of women, the gunning down of children, the starvation of religious minorities — Obama concluded: “No God condones this terror.”

Here is the executive summary of their letter:

1. It is forbidden in Islam to issue fatwas without all the necessary learning requirements. Even then fatwas must follow Islamic legal theory as defined in the Classical texts. It is also forbidden to cite a portion of a verse from the Qur’an—or part of a verse—to derive a ruling without looking at everything that the Qur’an and Hadith teach related to that matter. In other words, there are strict subjective and objective prerequisites for fatwas, and one cannot ‘cherry-pick’ Qur’anic verses for legal arguments without considering the entire Qur’an and Hadith.

2. It is forbidden in Islam to issue legal rulings about anything without mastery of the Arabic language.

3. It is forbidden in Islam to oversimplify Shari’ah matters and ignore established Islamic sciences.

4. It is permissible in Islam [for scholars] to differ on any matter, except those fundamentals of religion that all Muslims must know.

5. It is forbidden in Islam to ignore the reality of contemporary times when deriving legal rulings.

6. It is forbidden in Islam to kill the innocent.

7. It is forbidden in Islam to kill emissaries, ambassadors, and diplomats; hence it is forbidden to kill journalists and aid workers.

8. Jihad in Islam is defensive war. It is not permissible without the right cause, the right purpose and without the right rules of conduct.

9. It is forbidden in Islam to declare people non-Muslim unless he (or she) openly declares disbelief.

10. It is forbidden in Islam to harm or mistreat—in any way—Christians or any ‘People of the Scripture’.

11. It is obligatory to consider Yazidis as People of the Scripture.

12. The re-introduction of slavery is forbidden in Islam. It was abolished by universal consensus.

13. It is forbidden in Islam to force people to convert.

14. It is forbidden in Islam to deny women their rights.

15. It is forbidden in Islam to deny children their rights.

16. It is forbidden in Islam to enact legal punishments (hudud) without following the correct
procedures that ensure justice and mercy.

17. It is forbidden in Islam to torture people.

18. It is forbidden in Islam to disfigure the dead.

19. It is forbidden in Islam to attribute evil acts to God.

20. It is forbidden in Islam to destroy the graves and shrines of Prophets and Companions.

21. Armed insurrection is forbidden in Islam for any reason other than clear disbelief by the ruler and not allowing people to pray.

22. It is forbidden in Islam to declare a caliphate without consensus from all Muslims.

23. Loyalty to one’s nation is permissible in Islam.

24. After the death of the Prophet, Islam does not require anyone to emigrate anywhere.

Read the full letter here.”

From http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/24/muslim-scholars-islamic-state_n_5878038.html

Pastor gets congregation to drink petrol


Times Live reports…

“The controversial Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries, infamous for making his congregation eat grass, has struck again, this time encouraging members of his church to drink petrol after he turned it into pineapple juice.

In a Youtube video that starts with a cautionary note, warning people not to try this if they can not turn water into wine, members of Pastor Lesego’s congregation are seen drinking what the pastor claims is petrol claiming it tastes sweet, like pineapple juice and Iron Brew.

Members of his congregation are seen clamouring desperately to have a drink of the petrol as the pastor preaches and encourages them.

According to healthline.com, petrol is considered dangerous for your health because it is poisonous. Exposure to gas either through physical contact or inhalation can cause health problems such as abdominal pain, vision loss and burning in the esophagus.

It also causes dizziness, extreme fatigue, convulsions, body weakness and unconsciousness, which members of the congregation appear to display in the video.”

From http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2014/09/25/grass-eating-congregation-now-drinks-pineapple-flavoured-petrol

TB Joshua church building collapse


The Global Post reports…

“The story is as strange as the man himself: when a five-story building collapsed at “prophet” TB Joshua’s megachurch, in the megacity of Lagos, Nigeria, for days mysteriously few knew what had happened.

Furious church members chased away the rescue workers who rushed to help. Relatives and diplomats were denied information, and journalists’ cameras smashed.

It wasn’t until four days later that South Africa finally learned the true extent of the disaster, in a rare televised address by President Jacob Zuma. A total of 115 people had died, including 84 South Africans — the most deaths of citizens abroad in recent history.

Shock quickly turned to anger as it emerged that more people could likely have been saved if not for the delays and outright resistance by the church, and a slow response by the Nigerian government. “Blood on their hands,” said a headline in South Africa’s Sunday Times.

The tragedy has drawn attention to the secretive world of TB Joshua and his church, The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). It has also cast a light on the Pentecostal celebrity preachers, many of them from Nigeria, whose sermons have grown increasingly popular — and profitable — among followers across Africa and the world.

Temitope Balagun Joshua is a charismatic Christian preacher who claims to have spent 15 months in his mother’s womb, and says he can cure everything from AIDS to cancer to Ebola. His weekly sermons to a live audience of 15,000 people are broadcast around the world though his Emmanuel TV station.

Joshua is credited by his followers for having the gift of prophecy, and claims to have foretold the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370, the death of a former Malawian president, and even the death of Michael Jackson. There was, however, no prophesy about the disaster at his own church.

This type of preaching has found favor with some of Africa’s top political leaders, including the late Ghanaian president John Atta Mills, Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, and Julius Malema, an outspoken young South African politician.

Among the thousands making pilgrimages to Joshua’s church in the Ikotun suburb of Lagos are also sports stars and actors. Joshua has been visited by several former members of South Africa’s Springbok rugby team, who sought healing for terminal cancers.  

All of this fanfare and popularity has made him one of the world’s wealthiest religious leaders. Forbes magazine in 2011 estimated his net worth at $10-15 million. This puts him among the upper echelon of wealthy preachers, though behind even bigger figures like US televangelist Billy Graham, reportedly worth $25 million, or David Oyedepo, head of Nigeria’s Winners Chapel, who is said to be worth $150 million.

Joshua’s wealth is an additional source of anger in the church building collapse. Nigeria’s national disaster management team says the collapse was a result of shoddy construction — the building, a guesthouse, was being expanded from two stories to five, and may have lacked a proper permit.

But Joshua has stuck to a rather more bizarre version of what happened on Sept. 12. He claims that a mysterious plane was spotted flying low over the building shortly before it collapsed, and has insinuated that it was militants targeting him in a terror attack. Those who died, Joshua said, were “martyrs.”

“The church views this tragedy as part of an attack on The Synagogue Church Of All Nations and in particular, Prophet TB Joshua,” an official statement said. “In due course, God will reveal the perpetrators of this unfortunate tragedy.”

Jeff Radebe, South Africa’s minister in the presidency, said the country was “keenly awaiting” an official Nigerian investigation into the cause of the collapse.

Meanwhile, public anger has grown as the full horror of what happened is revealed.

The South African government sent a military transport plane on a rescue mission to bring home the badly injured survivors, among them two toddlers left orphaned. The public interest was such that local broadcasters carried live feeds of the plane’s arrival in Pretoria.

Upon their return, South Africans caught in the collapse have told harrowing tales of being trapped under rubble. One woman, Lindiwe Ndwandwe, said she survived by drinking her own urine for five days.

Joshua has announced a visit to South Africa to comfort his flock. But the youth wing of the ruling African National Congress party is demanding he be denied a visa until the official investigation is complete.

“TB Joshua should not be allowed to come to South Africa until we know what happened to our fellow countrymen at his church,” spokesman Bandile Masuku said in a statement.”

From http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/africa/140924/nigeria-megachurch-tb-joshua-84-south-africans


Synagogue Church Of All Nations video

Amorous Anglican


Standard Media reports…

“Now to that story of a man of God who was allegedly caught in the act – pants down. The pastor is said to have been found in bed with a woman believed to be his church member. The man claiming to be the woman’s husband rained blows on her as shocked residents watched. Ian Wafula reports on the incident that has rattled the Anglican diocese in Nairobi.”

From http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktn/index.php/video/watch/2000083568/-a-pastor-caught-in-the-act-pants-down